Tentative Technical Program

2016 First International Conference on Sustainable Green Buildings and Communities (SGBC)
December 18-20, 2016
IITM Research Park, IIT Madras, Chennai, India

18th December 2016 Tutorials for SGBC Conference
At Sarabhai Hall, Ground Floor, Research Park, IIT Madras
19th December, 2016 Day 1 of SGBC Conference
Inauguration at Raman Hall, Ground Floor, Research Park, IIT Madras
Parallel sessions at Sarabhai Hall and Raman Hall
20th December 2016 Day 2 of SGBC conference
Day opens at Raman Hall and spilt between Raman Hall and Sarabhai Hall, Ground Floor, Research Park, IIT Madras

Short courses 18th December, 2016
Date and Time Venue Event Details Speakers
9:30am to 11:00am Tutorial Short course 1 Sarabhai Hall Power switch modules for sustainable green Infrastructure Krishna Shenai [Professor NMAM Institute of Technology]
11:00am to 11:20am Exhibition Hall Tea/ Coffee Break
11:20am to 12:30pm Short Course-1 continues
12:30pm to 1:30pm Lunch Break
1:30pm to 3:00pm Tutorial /Short course 2 Sarabhai Hall Solar DC Course Ashok Jhunjhunwala [ Advisor- Minister of Power and MNRE, Govt of India
Prabhjot Kaur [Director, TCOE, IIT Madras]
3:00pm to 3:20pm Exhibition Hall Tea/ Coffee Break
3:20pm to 4:30pm Short course-2 continues
4:30pm Group Photograph and certificate Distrubution
Day 1: 19th Dec. 2016 Paper ID
8:30am to 9:00am Registration
9:00am to 10:40am Raman Hall Conference Inauguration and Keynote talk Seating of Guests and Delegates
lighting of lamp and National Anthem
Inaugural Address
Bhaskar Ramamoorthy [Director, IIT Madras]
Origin, Purpose and importance of SGBC Conference
Krishna Shenai [Professor, NMAM Institute of Technology and Chair, SGBC]
Remarks by Chief Guest
Ambuj Sharma [Addl. Chief Secretary, Industries Commissioner & Director of Industries and Commerce, Govt of TN]
Conference Briefing
Inaugural Concluding Remarks

Devendra Jalihal [Professor and Head Electrical Dept, IIT Madras]
Key note talk on Vision 2030: Transforming India's Energy Scenario
Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Advisor-Minister of Power and MNRE, Govt of India
10:40am - 11:10am Posters Exhibit Inaugration (Raman Hall)
Refreshment Break (Exhibition Hall)
11.10am to 12.50pm Plenary Session Chaired by Prof. Krishna Vasudevan, Technical Chair, SGBC
11:10am to 11:35am 122016178 Raman Hall Solar Power plants -Make in India Prospective Abhijeet Sathe [Soft Bank Energy]
11.35am to 12:00pm 122016138 Raman Hall Advanced Power Electronics for Increased Energy Efficiency in DC Microgrids Krishna Shenai [Chair, SGBC and Professor, NMIT]
12:00pm to 12:25pm 122016099 Raman Hall Renewable Energy Integration - Perspectives and Challenges Giandomenico Testi [CTO ABB India Ltd ]
K. N Sreevatsa, Rishi Mishra, imon Round, Xavier Scaria, Venkateswaran Narayanan
12:25pm to 12:50pm 122016176 Raman Hall Need for Indian standard for 48 V DC ELV Distribution Krishna Vasudevan [Technical Chair, SGBC and Professor IIT Madras]
Prabhjot Kaur,Rajesh Kunnath, Lakshmi Narasamma, M Kumarvel,Devendra Jalihal, B G Fernandas
12:50pm to 1:45pm Exhibition Hall Lunch Break
1:45pm to 3.45pm Parallel Sessions I & II
Raman Hall Session I Smart Grids Papers
Contributed Oral Papers (15 mins each)
Session Chairs
Madhav Manjrekar [Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte]
Giandomenico Testi [CTO, ABB India]
122016013 Circulating Currents in a Bipolar, Meshed DC Distribution Grid Elisabeth Vandeventer,Laurens Mackay,Laura Ramirez Elizondo,Pavol Bauer
122016090 Energy Management System for Low Voltage DC Microgrids Ashray Manur,Lee Shaver,Adria Brooks, Alec Sivit, Giri Venkataramanan
122016095 Enabling the Fault Tolerant Operation of Shipboard Microgrid Architecture Pinjala Mohana Kishore,Ravikumar Bhimasingu
122016100 Power Line Carrier Communication Based Low Cost Power Monitoring and Management System Vidyalaxmi Dani,Rebanta Kumar Chowdhury, Srinath Vasan,V Suvetha, Ragavedhni K R, S. Sampoornam,Devendra Jalihal
122016125 Inverterless Solar DC system design for off grid and near off grid Indian homes Anusha Ramachandran,Sairam Mannar,Ashok Jhunjhunwala
122016086 Analysis of the effect of DSM on the dynamics of DC microgrids Ivan Ramirez Fonseca,Laurens Mackay,Nils van der Blij
122016151 A Nonisolated Single Stage Threeport Converter For Hybrid Microgrid Applications Pinjala Mohana Kishore,Ravikumar Bhimasingu
1.45pm to 3.45pm Sarabhai Hall Session II: Green Buildings (At Hall 2)
Contributed Oral Papers (15 mins each)
Session Chairs
BG Fernandes [Professor, IIT Mumbai]
Nilesh Kane [Head Operation Services, Tata Power DDL]
122016034 Design and Development of Sensorless Controller for DC operated Mixer Grinder Chinmay D Bhagat,Saurabh P,Nikam,BG. Fernandes
122016072 Demand Side Management System for Future Buildings Rajeev Kumar Chauhan, C. Phurailatpam,B. S. Rajpurohit,Gonzalez-Longatt, S.N. Singh
122016074 Could DC Power Systems Support More Sustainable Communities? Expanding the concept of “green spaces” in Swedish spatial planning Sara Eriksen,Lena Petersson Forsberg- BTH, Sweden
122016076 Energy efficient appliances in a residential building Kamalakannan D,N S Ramanathan
122016092 Green Building Air Conditioning System with Variable Frequency Drive, Variable Air flow controller Ankit Poddar, Prabhjot Kaur, Ashok Jhunjhunwala
122016149 Analysis of Solar Estimation from buildings along with Demand Response in a Renewable Microgrid Pavan Kumar Penkey,lAsad Iqbal, Nathan Gaul,Kennedy Caisley,Herbert L.,Hess,Brian K,Johnson
122016032 Design and development of DC powered BLDC motor for Mixer-Grinder application Kamalakannan D,N Jeyapaul Singh, M Karthi,N S Ramanathan
3:45pm to 4:00pm Exhibition Hall Tea Break
4:00pm to 4:50pm Raman Hall Invited Talks
4:00pm to 4:25pm 122016122 Bringing Uninterrupted DC Power to Indian Homes - The Sasaram Experience Venkat Rajaraman [CEO Cygni Energy Pvt Ltd, india],
Krishna Vasudevan,Lakshmi Narasamma,Aditya Lolla
4:25pm to 4:50pm Technologies for Rural Electrification and DC Micro-grids B G Fernandas [Pofessor IIT Bombay]
4:50pm to 6.50pm Panel Discussion Raman Hall Panel 1
R&D Innovation to Commercialisation and Business models in India: with a focus on Batteries, silicon carbide,LED, Fans, Inverters and Electric Vehicles
"Chair : Ashok Jhunjhunwala [Advisor- Minister of Power and MNRE, Govt of India]
Talks: Bhavish Aggarwal- [CEO, OLA cabs]
V K Pillai [Director, CEECRI]
Pawan Kumar [GM Technical, EESL]
Discussions including:
Krishna Shenai [Professor, NMAM Institute of Technology]
Niranjan [ Sr.GM & Head-Product Engineering]
Apoorv Shaligram [Ather]
7:00 pm onwards Food Court -Phase 2 Conference Dinner
Day 2: 20th Dec, 2016 Paper ID
Keynote Talk
9:00am to 9:40am 122016175 Raman Hall Increasing Solar Hosting Capacity is the Key to Sustainability Deepakraj Divan [Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta]
Raman Hall Invited Talk
9:40am to 10:05am 122016174 Energy optimization and Cost Management in multistoried Green Complexes "Ashok Jhunjhunwala [ Advisor- Minister of Power and MNRE, Govt of India
Prabhjot Kaur [TCOE, IIT Madras] "
10:05am to 10:30am 122016177 Energy Efficiency in Lighting: AC vs DC LED Lights Kushant Uppal [CEO Intelizon], Santosh Bitra, Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Krishna Vasudevan, Prabhjot Kaur, Bhaskar Ramamurthi, M Kumarvel
10:30am to 11:30am Poster DisplaysOpposite Raman Hall
Refreshments at Exhibition Hall
122016042 Towards Net Zero energy Solar Building, system and concepts Sanjay Kumar
122016075 Designing high Performance Battery Life Cycle Tester. Sushant Mutagekar,John P Kurian, Ashok Jhunjhunwala,Prabhjot Kaur,Shivashankar Gunaki
122016079 Conversion of Administrative Complex as Net Zero in Central Electronics Limited, India Umakanth Vadlapatla,Sanjai Kumar,Nilabh, V.K. Kaul
122016091 Wireless Sensor Network for DC/AC Homegrids Ashray Manur,Giri Venkatraman
122016120 Energy Modeling of Aggregated Community Scale Residential Microgrids Adria Brooks,Ashray Manur,Giri Venkataramanan
122016101 Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Manivannan S,Kaleeswaran E
122016130 Fault Locator for Sub Transmission Network with Integrated Distributed Generation OD Naidu,Neethu George
122016131 A New Fault Location Method for Underground Cables in Distribution Systems OD Naidu,Neethu George,Debasish Pradhan
11:30am to 1:15pm Parallel Session III & IV
Raman Hall Session III Renewable Tech & Green
Buildings (At New Conference Hall)
Contributed oral papers (15 mins each)
Session Chairs : Deepakraj Divan [Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta]
Devendra Jalihal [Professor & Head Electrical Department, IIT Madras]
122016027 Solar Thermal Energy Storage on PCM Based Integrated Saw Tooth Collector for Institutes S. Babu,V. R. Abishraj,R. Velavan,A. Veeramanikandan
122016051 A novel method to predict Non-uniform illumination pattern on a large scale rooftop Solar photo-voltaic array Kuntal Ghosh,Phalguna. P,Siddhartha P,Duttagupta, P.K. Gupta
122016139 Design of Converters for leveraging 48V DC Power line at Homes / Offices Pooja Rani Swamy,Vignesh D,Shivshankar Gunaki
122016148 LPPT control of a photovoltaic system under partially shaded condition Kranthi Kumar Reddy M,Vaskar Sarkar
122016153 Optimization of Domestic Heating System by Implementing Model Predictive Control Esmaeel Khanmirza, A.H. Davai Markazi
122016037 AMI Rollout Strategy and Cost-Benefit Analysis for India Hem Thukral,Reji Kumar Pillai,Rupendra Bhatnagar
122016106 Grid tied Roof top solar problems, learnings and solutions Neel Mathews, Mahindra
11:30am to 1:15pm Sarabhai Hall Session IV Smart grid & EVS (At Hall 2)
Contributed oral papers (15 mins each)
Session Chairs Krishna Shenai [Professor, NMAM Institute of Technology]
Venugopalan S [Professor CORI,PES University]
122016021 Electric Transportation Action Plan for India Akshay Ahuja,Reji Kumar Pillai,Girish Ghatikar
122016150 Optimal Electric Vehicle Charging Schedule for Demand Management Priyanka Vinayak Shinde,K. Shanti Swarup
122016109 Green Transportation using Intelligent Solar Electric Pedal Assisted Three Wheeler Visakh Sasikumar,Jacob Thekkekara,Ashok Jhunjhunwala
122016155 The energy efficiency of fractal solar grids Suraj Kumar,Saroj K Nayak,Ramakrishna Ramaswamy
122016156 Sizing of Solar DC Microgrid for sustainable off-grid communities: Economics, polices and societal implications Saranya A, K Shanti Swarup
122016172 EV: Communication Infrastructure Management System Anitha Dhianeshwar,Prabhjot Kaur, Sree Hari Nagarajan S
122016110 Current Injection based Front-End Power Quality Improved Converter for Telecom Load Saravana Prakash P,R Kalpana,Bhim Singh,G Bhuvaneswari
1:15pm to 2:15pm Exhibition Hall Lunch Break
Invited Talk
2:15pm to 2:40pm Raman Hall 21st Century Grids- Challenges & Opportunities RejiKumar Pilai [President, Smart Grid Forum]
2:40pm to 3:05pm 122016173 Raman Hall PEER- a tool to design, measure and monitor the performance of smart grid Mili Majumdar [ Managing Director GBCI India Pvt. Ltd],
Ishaq sulthan,Aumkar Borgaonkar
3:05pm to 3:20pm Raman Hall A new Solar Microgrid in Jharkhand
An ABB-IITM initiative
Giandomenico Testi [CTO ABB India Ltd] and Ashok Jhunjhunwala [Advisor-Minister of Power and MNRE, Govt of India]
3:20pm to 4:30pm Panel Discussion Raman Hall Panel 2
Automation and Energy Efficiecncy for Infrasture and Green Buildings
Chair: Krishna Shenai [Professor NMAM Institute of Technology]
Shishir Gupta [Deputy Generel Manager, Larsen & Toubro Limited,
Bhavesh Doshi [CEO, Entelechy Systems]
Giandomenico Testi [CTO, ABB India Ltd
Rajendra Mootha [CEO, IITMRP]
Venkat Rajaraman [CEO Cygni Energy Pvt Ltd]
4:30pm to 4:50pm Raman Hall Concluding Remarks/ Award announcement
4:50pm to 5:30pm Exhibition Hall High Tea/ Group photograph/Facility Tour