Oral Presentations

The following papers have been accepted for oral paper presentations at the SGBC Conference

Paper ID Title
122016002 Roof Top Photovoltaic Grid Integration: Utility Approach
122016013 Circulating Currents in a Bipolar, Meshed DC Distribution Grid
122016016 Communication Standards for Smart Buildings
122016021 Electric Transportation Action Plan for India
122016023 Accelerated transition towards sustainable fossil free personal road transport – a case study for southeast Sweden
122016027 Solar Thermal Energy Storage on PCM Based Integrated Saw Tooth Collector for Institutes
122016032 Design and development of DC powered BLDC motor for Mixer-Grinder application
122016034 Design and Development of Sensorless Controller for DC operated Mixer Grinder
122016036 Next Generation Smart Metering_IP Metering
122016037 AMI Rollout Strategy and Cost-Benefit Analysis for India
122016051 A novel method to predict Non-uniform illumination pattern on a large scale rooftop Solar photo-voltaic array
122016053 Study of viability of Solar powered boats
122016066 Sustainable Decentralized Distributed Generation (DDG) technologies in Energy space
122016067 High Gain Integrated Zeta-Flyback DC-DC Converter and Analysis
122016072 Demand Side Management System for Future Buildings
122016074 Could DC Power Systems Support More Sustainable Communities? Expanding the concept of “green spaces” in Swedish spatial planning
122016076 Energy efficient appliances in a residential building
122016086 Analysis of the effect of DSM on the dynamics of DC microgrids
122016090 Energy Management System for Low Voltage DC Microgrids
122016092 Green Building Air Conditioning System with Variable Frequency Drive, Variable Air flow controller
122016095 Enabling the Fault Tolerant Operation of Shipboard Microgrid Architecture
122016099 Renewable Energy Integration - Perspectives and Challenges
122016100 Power Line Carrier Communication Based Low Cost Power Monitoring and Management System
122016103 Implementation and Practical Evaluation of an Automatic Solar Tracking System for Different Weather Conditions
122016105 Investigation Of Low Cost Electronic Primary Fuel Injection System For Agricultural Purpose Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled With Green Diesel
122016106 Grid tied Roof top solar problems, learnings and solutions
122016107 A High Gain Highly Efficient and Compact Flyback Converter with a Passive Clamp Circuit
122016109 Green Transportation using Intelligent Solar Electric Pedal Assisted Three Wheeler
122016110 Advanced Front End Power Quality Improvement Converter for Telecom Load
122016122 Bringing Uninterrupted DC Power to Indian Homes – The Sasaram Experience
122016125 Inverterless solar dC system design for off grid and near off grid indian homes
122016138 Advanced Power Electronics for Increased Energy Efficiency in DC Microgrids
122016139 Performance study of DC-DC power converter for notebook computers
122016148 LPPT control of a photovoltaic system under partially shaded condition
122016149 Analysis of Solar Estimation from buildings along with Demand Response in a Renewable Microgrid
122016150 Optimal Electric Vehicle Charging Schedule for Demand Management
122016151 A Nonisolated Single Stage Threeport Converter For Hybrid Microgrid Applications
122016153 Optimization of Domestic Heating System by Implementing Model Predictive Control
122016155 The energy efficiency of fractal solar grids
122016156 Sizing of Solar DC Microgrid for sustainable off-grid communities: Economics, polices and societal implications
122016164 Understanding merits and demerits of vernacular houses of Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh
122016165 Optimized MPPT Algorithm for Solar and Pedal powered Electric Bike
122016172 EV: Communication Infrastructure Management System
122016173 PEER- a tool to design, measure and monitor the performance of smart grid
122016174 Energy optimization and Cost Management in multi-storied Green Complexes
122016175 Increasing Solar Hosting Capacity is the Key to Sustainability
122016176 Need for Indian standard for 48 V DC ELV Distribution
122016177 Energy Efficiency in Lighting: AC vs DC LED Lights
122016178 Application of Lithium Ion Battery to Sustainable Green Buildings and Communities
122016179 ABC


The following papers have been accepted for Poster sessions at the SGBC Conference

Paper ID Title
122016004 Assessing capacity Credit of a Solar Photovoltaic Farm in an Island Power System
122016042 Towards Net Zero energy Solar Building, system and concepts
122016062 Reliability Estimation of LV Distribution Components Contactors
122016075 Designing high Performance Battery Life Cycle Tester.
122016079 Conversion of Administrative Complex as Net Zero in Central Electronics Limited, India
122016091 Wireless Sensor Network for DC/AC Homegrids
122016097 Topological study of fractal arrangements in the solar energy network
122016101 Solar Powered Electric Vehicle
122016102 Perforance Analysis Of Incurved Type Vertical Axis Savonius Wind Turbine For Domestic Power Generation
122016120 Energy Modeling of Aggregated Community Scale Residential Microgrids
122016121 Microgrid for the development of Green Buildings and communities
122016130 Fault Locator for Sub Transmission Network with Integrated Distributed Generation
122016131 A New Fault Location Method for Underground Cables in Distribution Systems
122016171 ANN Based FRT capability of Nine Switch Grid Side converter fed DFIG system 

All Authors will receive an email from the organising team before 23 September 2016.